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4 Reasons To Take A Gap Year After Military Retirement

There is no shortage of horror stories about the military retirement process. Thankfully this isn’t one of them. After serving 20 years in the Marine Corps, I retired in the summer of 2018. I sta..

Preparing for Basic Training

Do you need to physically prepare for basic training? Many potential new recruits and their fam..

When Military Life Feels Scary

Few Americans have missed the news from the Middle East in recent weeks. It’s difficult to s..

Civilian Life 101: Here’s What You Need To Know Before You Take Off That Uniform

When you arrive at a new duty station in the military, you know where to go for information o..

20 Ways to Show Your Gratitude to Veterans

Donate to a military affiliated charity in honor of a fallen soldier. Organizations that help ..

10 Tips for Handling the “Holiday Blues”

For many service members, veterans, and their families, the holidays are a great time of laugh..

Who Are You After Your Service Member Leaves The Military?

Despite navigating multiple transitions during a military career, leaving active duty is a diff..

Tips for Sending Care Packages to the Military Overseas

The majority of military members like to receive a care package from family members back home. ..

What Is A Family Care Plan?

Military families are faced with a great amount of uncertainty. Permanent change of station mov..

MilSpouse Moments: Making the Most of Your Alone Time

As a Military Spouse, you’re aware that deployment is always a possibility on the horizon. I..

The Best Tips for the Last Week of Your Deployment

The deployment begins, you get into a routine. You have good deployment days and lousy deployme..

12 Ways To Handle Deployment Stress

During deployment, many military spouses experience increased levels of stress and anxiety. Not..

Common Challenges to a Smooth Civilian Transition

Transition. According to, it can be used as a noun or a verb, but in most case..

Coping With Deployment Separation

Separation from a loved one who is deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan can be an emotionally diffic..

When Separating From the Military Unexpectedly Becomes Your Reality

When a service member separates from, or even considers a life outside of the military, it affe..

6 Veteran Benefits You May Not Have Heard Of

One of the most common benefits for veterans are their disability payments, such as Veterans Co..

Vets Can Make A Difference Through Volunteer Firefighting

Patriotism is in the air during the summer months. It starts with Memorial Day and flows into J..

Handling the Stress You Have About Your Service Member

You may feel pride that your child, grandchild, bother, sister, significant other or friend is ..

Cancelled or Postponed Deployment: Time for Contingency Planning

Gearing up for a deployment can be stressful. But getting those orders cancelled or postponed c..

Life After Basic Army Combat Training

Following your Army basic combat training, you’ll take one of two paths, advanced individual ..

VA Health Care for Veterans

If you're a veteran who served with honor, you're eligible to enroll for VA Health Care. The V..

For Veterans: All the Benefits of Home

You saw your share of moving in the military. Now, as a veteran, maybe you're thinking about se..

Which GI Bill Is Best for You?

You proudly served your country, but what’s next? Now it’s time to put the GI Bill to use..

On Memorial Day: Thank You, Veterans

This Memorial Day in the U.S. — like every Memorial Day — we commemorate and remember those..

Military Promotions: What Friends and Family Should Know

A military promotion is a significant achievement in a service member’s career. It’s a test..

Programs That Hire Veterans

Many organizations in the civilian world value your experience, skills, work ethic and training..

Life After Deployment

Life after deployment: seven tips for reconnecting Deployment's done. Homecoming's over. Now c..

A Look Into Joining the Military’s Elite Forces in the Army, Marine Corps, Navy and Air Force

U.S. service members already serve their country as part of one of the finest fighting forces t..

Make a Plan to Stay in Touch with Your Service Member

Communicating with friends and family is very important for service members; a phone call or ca..

Department of Defense Identification Cards

One of the most valuable assets to service members is their military ID. The Department of Defe..

Grief and Loss of a Loved One, The Days Ahead

Grief is a natural response when a loved one dies. How you grieve depends on your personality, ..

You’re the One Coming Home. Now What?

If you're the one who's deployed and counting down to heading home, you can do a lot to set you..

Help for Veterans

Life in the military has taught you to be strong in the face of some of life's most difficult o..

The Savings Deposit Program

If a combat deployment is in your future, be sure to learn about the Savings Deposit Program, a..

Read This: Must-Dos for Separating

You've made the decision. Now it's time to make the most of it. There's a list of tasks to acco..

Transition Assistance Programs and Resources

The military has an extensive array of services to help make your separation a success. If you'..

8 Things You Should Know Before Your Service Member Leaves for Boot Camp

This list can help you - whether you are a parent, sibling, friend, fiancé or extended family ..

10 Tips to Take to Basic Training

Basic training varies by service branch, but it’ll help you to know these facts of military l..

Your Leave and Earnings Statement

Your monthly Leave and Earnings Statement, or LES, is one of the most important financial docum..

Support and Resources Through the Commissary and Exchange

You may already know that shopping for groceries at the commissary or for electronics at the ex..

Voting While You’re Away From Home: The Absentee Voting Process

When military life takes you away from home, you and your family can use an absentee ballot and..

Military Clause: Terminate Your Lease Due to Deployment or PCS

Service members are protected by the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act if they need to break thei..

Meeting Fitness Standards

Physical fitness is a big part of life in the military. It’s required. To make sure our milit..

Military Insignia: What Are Those Stripes and Bars?

The stripes and bars on a military uniform signify rank. If you’re new to the military, you k..

Deployment Resources for Families

While military families know how to stand strong, the stresses of deployment can bring extra ch..

Military Retirement: Do You Have This Covered?

Transitioning to civilian life is just like everything else in military life. Doing it successf..

Overview of Veterans Affairs Benefits

You served. Now let the Department of Veterans Affairs serve you by helping you live life to th..

Unlock the Savings and Nutrition Inside Your Commissary

It's dinnertime again, and you have plenty of choices. Visit the Defense Commissary Agency's w..

Getting Help for Combat Stress

Learning to recognize the signs of combat stress in yourself, another service member or a f..

Marine Corps Boot Camp and Officer Candidates School: What to Expect

Marine Corps Basic Recruit Training is the first step in preparing you mentally and physically ..

Military Insignia: What Are Those Stripes and Bars?

The stripes and bars on a military uniform signify rank. If you’re new to the military, you k..

What You Should Know About Department of Defense Identification Cards

One of the most valuable assets to service members is their military ID. The Department of Defe..

Navy Boot Camp And Officer Candidate School: What To Expect

Navy Boot Camp is the first step in turning you into a sailor with all the skills to perform in..

Preparing For Deployment As A Family

Preparing as a Family Whether this is your first time preparing for a deployment or you’ve..

What You Should Know When PCSing To South Korea

Receiving the news that you and your family are moving to South Korea may not be expected. If y..

5 Ways To Make Your Coast-To-Coast Move Memorable

You’ve just received your permanent change of station orders and they say to pack up your ent..

What You Need To Know About OCONUS Ration Cards

If you are ever stationed overseas, you will get to experience using a ration card on a variety..

5 Things You Shouldn’t Worry About During Military Transition

"Military transition." How can such an innocent pair of words be so loaded? As you prepare f..

What to Pack for Basic Training

You'll need to take only a few basic things when you head off to basic training - everything el..

Organize Your Home Now For A PCS Ahead

While sitting at the desk in our home office. my spouse yelled down the hall, “Where’s the ..

Relocation Tool for Families

WASHINGTON -- During peak moving season Defense Department leaders want families to know new re..

Managing Your Money as a New Service Member

You're learning a lot of new skills in the military, and money management should be one of them..

Air Force Basic Training: What to Expect

When joining the Air Force, you can choose one of two paths: Enlist: If you enlist, your f..

American Red Cross Support for Military Families

The American Red Cross offers important support to service members, veterans and their famili..

Managing Your Money as a New Service Member

You're learning a lot of new skills in the military, and money management should be one of them..

12 Ways To Land That Civilian Job

You've proven your commitment, discipline and resourcefulness in the military world. Now it's t..

10 Hacks for Your Military Family’s PCS Move

Post from MilitaryByOwner You simply can’t prepare for every possible scenario when facin..

Handling a Deployment After a Recent Move

A deployment soon after a move can be challenging for a military spouse, but it also brings new..

Moving After A Loved One Dies

Housing and allowances Government housing If you are living in government housing as an aut..

How To Keep Your Relationship Strong During Separation

Whether this is the first time or the 20th time that your spouse has been called to active dut..

Staying or Moving When Your Spouse is Deployed

Your spouse is deploying, and you might be tempted to pack up and move closer to your family. T..

Stress Management During Deployment

In the military, stress happens. But too much stress can have negative effects on performance, ..

Make A Short Term Space Feel More Like Home

When the military is in control of your destination, you tend to find yourself in a variety of ..

How To Deal With A PCS When All You Want To Do Is Stay

When it comes to the art of moving, military spouses have it down. Every few years–if you’r..

Moving To A Foreign Country & I Don’t Know The Language!

The day we got orders to live overseas, my husband and I were both excited. We looked forward t..

How The Outdoors Helped Me Conquer Deployment.

I like to think that I knew what I was getting into when the word “deployment” entered ..