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Col. Denny Gillem, U.S Army (Ret) has been on the move this past week. Frontlines of Freedom is nationally syndicated and community focused. This past week our host and fearless leader was out and around town. In our new feature piece, “Around Hometown USA”, we share with you some of the people, places and spaces that embrace and embody stories of heroism, leadership and sacrifice.

Starting with 9/10/21 at the Michigan Heroes Museum in Frankenmuth. Lt. Col. Denny Gillem hosted a book signing and meet and greet. We were grateful to see so many people turn out for the event, but for those who couldn’t be there we don’t want to keep some of the best kept treasures to ourselves, we want to share them with all of you.

What is the Michigan Heroes Museum in Frankenmuth you ask?

“Michigan Heroes Museum is unique in that it is the only museum devoted to the wartime experiences of men and women from the state of Michigan. The museum’s mission is to Honor, Respect, and Remember Michigan’s citizens’ personal contributions to our nation’s military, and space program.

With over 140 displays and a collection of over 850 individual exhibits, the museum also hosts stories devoted to Michigan’s Governors, 16 Astronauts and 31 individual Medal of Honor Recipients, and includes the nation’s largest Medal of Honor collection on display.” – (Source,

“We love people and organizations who are committed to sharing and highlighting our men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice.”

– Denny Gillem

The Michigan Heroes Museum in Frankenmuth is a space dedicated every single day to sharing the stories of heroism, leadership and sacrifice. The museum holds on to the values and valor of our past, present and future. If you haven’t been to the museum we highly suggest you add it to your bucket list! Follow the link below to read and learn more about one of our favorite places!

It’s important to know about the brave men and women who have protected us; it’s especially important for our children to know of them, so that when crisis comes into their lives they have role-models for action.

If you are reading this and interested in learning more or potentially joining us on our next visit? Reach out to to learn more.

Stay tuned for more updates and LT. Col. Denny Gillem, “Around Hometown USA” sightings and blog posts in the coming days. We are committed to sharing the people, places and spaces supporting our men and women in the military and law enforcement.

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