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On this day we celebrate and give thanks to the brave men and women who have served this great country. It was truly an honor and privilege to serve alongside so many of you. As we sit here, we remember and pay tribute to those we have lost, those that have served and those that are actively fighting for our rights today.

Yet here we are on Veteran’s day still under mask mandates and regulations.

I’m not an expert at anything medical, but I do have common sense. Please consider this.

We’re told that wearing a mask will help protect us from getting or giving Corona Virus germs.

The mask is a filter, noting more. We have filters in our coffee pots, car engines, and air circulation systems, and lots of other places. Their job is to catch bad things and hang on to them so that the bad things won’t go into the system—in this case, our lungs.

So, you arrive at your work or school or wherever you’re required to or elect to wear a mask, and there you put on your mask.

You adjust it a couple of times and do your thing. You’ll touch your mask on occasion to adjust it or remove it for a drink or lunch or something, then put it back on.

When you’re done wearing it for the day you take it off, put it on your desk or table or car seat or pocket or purse, and there it sits until you need to put it on again. Right?

Okay, the inside of the mask is catching and holding any germs you might exhale. The outside is catching and holding any germs that were in the atmosphere that you were in—protecting you. Those germs are highly concentrated on the mask—and you touch the mask multiple times and then—touch your face or food or children, etc. It doesn’t take anything but common sense to see that you just took concentrated germs and spread them all over your body and turf. And, tomorrow, when you put the same mask back on, you’ll touch and take any germs you didn’t get today.

Assuming that there are bad germs out there, the only reasonable way to use a mask is to only touch it when wearing surgical gloves, and then depositing the gloves, and mask when you remove it, in a hazard-waste container.

Any other use/handling of a mask only greatly increases the probability that the germs will spread to you and those around you. I hope this makes sense to you.

Two other points I’ve heard on this topic:

  • If your mask works, why would anyone insist that others wear one?
  • Some medically-trained friends have told me that the air-passages through the mask, while quite small, are much bigger than the germs. So, wearing a mask is like putting a chain-link fence around your yard to keep the bees out.
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