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The Colonel’s Corner
~Comment by the Colonel ~
The letter posted below, was signed by 87 Patriotic Generals and Admirals (Flag Officers), requests the leaders of both political parties in our House of Representatives to eliminate all funding for the indoctrination and brain washing of all members of our Armed Forces, and for the Cadets and Midshipmen attending our five Service Academies, of the Marxist created philosophy of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), which includes the radical and racist philosophy of Critical Race Theory (CRT). These Marxist philosophies are being forced into every member of our Armed Forces by our “Woke” and clearly unpatriotic Secretary of Defense and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on behalf of the leaders above them.
This newsletter is entirely focused on the letter (below) signed and sent to the leaders in the House of Representatives. We all need to support and reinforce this letter.
In Conclusion: Our nation has armed and dangerous enemies all seeking to defeat our nation. Certainly China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea are on that list, and our military is terribly weak—weak compared to the enemies we face. Apparently, most of our current generals and admirals agree with the current horrible culture in our military, as I don’t see them resigning, protesting, or otherwise acting to get our military focused on being combat-ready—in lieu of the current politically correct and Marxist focus. We, the people, have to get very politically active and work to turn our military—and our nation—around, while we still can.
We live in the greatest and freest and most wealthy nation in the world, but our freedom is rapidly being taken away.
Let your love for the Constitutional Republic of America motivate you.
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I thought it would be a real advantage that…as a Boy Scout, actually, to be more specific, as an Explorer Scout, I did a lot of rappelling—going down walls and cliffs on ropes. When I arrived at West Point, the summer after our Plebe Year they took us to Camp Buckner (a part of the West Point training area) for field training, and one of the first activities was rappelling. It was only a 40 or 50-foot cliff, so it was no big deal. I picked a spot about half-way down that I’d bounce off of and then to the ground—I’d done it hundreds of times before. So, they hooked me up, and I pushed off. Then I discovered that there was a difference; all the work I’d done with scouts was done on hemp rope. I was now on nylon rope—and that rope stretched. My feet hit exactly where I wanted them to, but my body kept moving. I crashed and burned and ended up up-side-down. Not a very impressive first rappel. I was very glad that I hadn’t mentioned to anyone that I was experienced at rappelling. I did have to do a lot of push-ups. Ah, the days of my youth.
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