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19 September

Military families are well-versed on sacrifice. We understand being confronted with hard times. It’s almost normalized among our communities. The entire family serves when a military member serves because of the countless contributions and sacrifices. This past year was difficult for me. I found myself struggling to find positivity. I would look at social media […]

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18 September

Finding The Best Plan For Your Family Military life insurance options have interesting things you want to think about before you get involved in a long-term program. The sad reality is that there are insurance agents and agencies who prey on military families. Also, military life itself makes it difficult to acquire what may be called “normative” […]

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17 September

Separation from a loved one who is deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan can be an emotionally difficult time for all family members. The emotions can vary from low energy levels, feelings of sadness, anger, excitement, restlessness, tension, frustration, resentment and depression. Additionally, there are many challenges for military families to overcome during deployments. It is […]

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