May 11, 2020


To:  HelpVet Organization


I would like to recommend Celia Hogan for your organization HelpVet.  I have known Celia for over 15 years.  Celia has all the traits that an organization would want, she is friendly, hard working, driven, very organized and great customer service skills, a true professional.

I have worked for the Department of the Army for 40 years.  As you know, military members transfer to a new location every 2 to three years.  At that point they are either looking for a home or requiring to sell the home they have.  I have referred many military members to Celia who assisted them as a realtor to either find them a home or sell the one they have.  All have been very pleased with her professionalism and ability to take care of the need so that they can move on with their career knowing their home needs are met.  On a regular basis I am asked by military members if I know a good realtor, I tell them I only know one Celia Hogan.  Celia is not only a friend of our family, we consider her family.

As a retired military member and veteran, I highly recommend Celia Hogan for the HelpVet organization, I truly know she will be a great asset!  Please email me if you have any questions.

It is a true honor to recommend Celia Hogan.

Very Respectfully,

Randy Schauer