The Pentagon\'s missile defense strategy calls for a new array of space-based sensors and other high-tech systems.
The bill would require President Trump to gain Senate approval before terminating U.S. support of NATO.
Last month, a metallic 3D-printed bracket was installed for the first time on an operational F-22 at Hill AFB in Utah.
Sen. Lindsey Graham warned that any hasty pullout could lead to a \"nightmare\" scenario for both Israel and Turkey.
State officials warned New Yorkers to expect 12 to 24 inches of snowfall throughout Upstate New York over the weekend.
The White House declined to provide details on the president\'s speech, which will be broadcast at 3 p.m. ET today.
The U.S. Army said a Fort Bliss soldier\'s account of saving a man\'s life with a ballpoint pen and a hoodie was inaccurate.
A second summit between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will take place next month.
The study highlights failures during the conflict, including a lack of awareness of the sectarian dynamics in the country.
It was the latest twist in what has become a Washington game of brinkmanship between Pelosi and Trump.