​​​​​​​Air Force Tech Sgt. Cody Smith doesn\'t believe he is \"remarkable\" or \"special\" in any way.
Master Sgt. Jay Ellis triggered two federal investigations into sexual assault in his unit.
Chief Eddie Gallagher\'s legal team is hitting back against the idea of revoking his trident.
Amir Hekmati was imprisoned and abused by Iranian authorities for years over accusations he was a spy.
It\'s a hot new trend. But it\'s still off limits.
The kit kept subjects reasonably warm for six hours in temperatures that dropped below minus 65.
Travel to the West Bank, including Jericho, Bethlehem and Jerusalem\'s Old City, is restricted \"until further notice.\"
They also allow a soldier to access tactical information without taking an eye off the battlefield.
Seaman Ethan W. Tucker was arrested August 28 after a Coast Guard investigation into the death of Seaman Ethan Kelch.
The U.S. Navy says the USS Abraham Lincoln transited the strait on Tuesday, making its way to the Persian Gulf.