2019 Military Pay Charts

The tables below reflect the monthly base pay for all military members, while our military pay calculator can compute your personalized base pay plus allowances and special pays. 2019 Pay charts ..

Retired Military Pay Increases

Military retirement pay is one of the top three benefits of military service along with medical..

Military Disability Retirement

You may have heard about people getting out of the military with a disability retirement. We wi..

2018 Basic Allowance for Housing Rates

The Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) is based on geographic duty location, pay grade, and depe..

Overseas Housing Allowances

Many overseas military bases are located in high-cost areas. Add to this the fact that housing ..

Military Pay Allotments

An allotment is a designated amount of money that is automatically distributed for you, from yo..

Basic Allowance for Subsistence

BAS is a continuation of the military tradition of providing room and board (or rations) as par..

5 Tips to Invest Now and Relax Later

It is important to plan for the future today, including knowing how and where you should invest..

Veterans Pension Rates For 2018

If you are a wartime veteran with a limited income and you are no longer able to work, you may ..

Have Questions About Military Pay

Military Pay Agency Addresses Have a general question about active duty or retired pay rates? ..

Military Pay and Pensions

Pay Tables and More To find the latest news on military pay and benefits, including pay tabl..

How To Stretch Your Military Retirement Pay

Years before you hang up your uniform and leave active-duty military service, you will need to ..

Types Of Military Pay

There are various types of pay. Basic pay is received by all and is the main component of an in..

How To Get Military Advance Pay

The purpose of advance pay is to give funds to a member to meet extraordinary expenses inci..

How To Compute Retired Military Pay Benefits

The military retirement can be very confusing to understand and calculate. Depending on when yo..

2018 Thrift Savings Plan Contribution Limits

The 2018 Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) contribution limits have been announced.  These tax-advanta..